Digital infrared Thermography

Prof. José Valdez, a revolution in clinic Thermography

Creation of an online course accessible to all health practitioners.
It is the most complete course of the World with hundreds of pathologies widely illustrated. About 550 pages of pure information plus 30 videos from A to Z image capture live pratical diagnosys etc.

Requirements to attend the course:

To be a practitioner or student in health subjects.
The course is open to doctors, naturopaths, nurses, acupunctures, physiotherapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, etc.

Course Functioning

  • After pre-registration you will receive a contact from us explaining the procedure to make the payment.
  • After confirming the payment the access to the course is activated and you will receive the user codes and password, the entrance link for the course is the same of the registration but you will start filling the empty spaces.
  • The course contains all the material of the Russian, American and English schools, with an increase of information about Thermography use in detection of Trigger points and Acupuncture points.
  • The course has 3 modules with various chapters. The first module is open, the next ones are codified.
  • After studying you should answer the online Tests, so you can obtain the access codes that allow you to reach the next module. After the 3 modules 30 videos with pratice.
  • The list of all program and content of the course is in our page. All course is designed for online teaching.
For any question about the course please contact for the following email


  • Registration on the online course 1500 euros
  • Using bank transfer, western union or paypal – Prof. José Valdez (all students)
  • Included +online course+ clinical software + certification+ surprise bonus.
  • Prof. José Valdez on-line assistence.
  • The course ends after the practical examination via on-line.

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  • With a small investment enlarge your professional horizons.
  • Make better and faster diagnosis.
  • Gain the confidence of your patients!
  • Make more money and have more clients!
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